Made for Cape Town, inspired by Milan fashion and designer coffee culture

MiCaffè brings a touch of fashion and design-led luxury to South Africa with a three-party offering in the form of a premium caffè menu, refined chocolate selection and gelato that’s tasteful in every sense of the word, complemented by award-winning water and fresh juice. The stylish coffee bar is located on Cape Town’s Bree Street, while its products can also be shopped online.

Founded by friends Justin Miccoli and Mike Casey-Smith, MiCaffè was established in honour of Miccoli’s Italian heritage and Casey-Smith’s appreciation for the city of Milan. With espresso machines carefully selected from Milan, the Italian capital of fashion and coffee, two single-origin coffee blends roasted exclusively for us in Cape Town, and bottled water sourced from the mineral-rich Sardinia and voted best water in the world in 2019, the coffee bar par excellence captures the essence of Italian elegance and coffee culture.

Customers are invited to try MiCaffè’s exceptional coffees, selected from the Speciality Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) highest scoring single-origin coffee beans and roasted into two sensational blends. Aromatica and Intenso are also available in pods and pair beautifully with our freshly baked pastries and paninis, hand-poured designer chocolates and locally made premium gelato, which can alternatively be ordered online and enjoyed at home.

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Biscione Logo

The Biscione: A triumph of good over evil, the heart of Milanese culture

The Biscione is the historic symbol of Milan and of the Visconti family, who rose to power as the rulers of the Northern Italian City in the 14th century.

The powerful image depicts a gigantic “biscia” or grass snake devouring a devil whole, signifying the triumph of good over evil. Over time, the fearsome-looking creature came to show his softer side – seen as a guardian of the people. A friend to all citizens, he evokes a sense of protection and civic pride in Milan – a city that leads the way in fashion, design, and of course coffee.

The emblem has remained inextricably tied to Milan’s stylish heritage, past and the present: his image can be found today in many logos with Italian lineage, from Alfa Romeo to local football teams. You can even spot him adorning our own Bezzera coffee machines, which come from a Milanese family business now over a century old.

At MiCaffè, we chose this symbol to represent our dedication to replicating an authentic piece of Milan, the beating heart of Italy.

The essence of Milanese coffee culture


Enjoy coffee scored between 85.50 and 86.50 by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, where 85–89.99 is graded ‘Excellent’ – single origin blends that bring Milanese coffee culture to your home or office.

Take it away

Coffee to go is a ritual all on its own, and one that’s much-loved in Milan alongside the freshly squeezed orange juice and award-winning water we serve. Make your morning or sweeten the afternoon with a cone of gelato. Whether you’re treating yourself or choosing a handmade chocolate gift, we’ve got it all wrapped up.

Let it come to you

Get MiCaffè delivered to your door and indulge in comfort. From our house-made gelato to our coffee and a range of confectionery, we’re ready to bring whatever you need to complete your dinner or make your day.


Take away a taste of Milan

Coffee bags ground & beans


Our single-origin coffee is our speciality, and it’s made to bring Italy’s coffee culture to your cup. Sourced and roasted exclusively for us by an Italian-owned family enterprise, our Aromatica and Intenso coffee blends were selected from a panel of 150 already-exceptional finalist coffees, and were given scores in the high 80s by the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA). Our pods use the same single-origin beans and have the same authentic Milanese influence as our coffee in-store. They’re the ideal way to take a little bit of Milan home with you.

250g, 1kg

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Coffee Pods

Coffee Pods

Our pods use the same single-origin beans and authentic Milanese influence as our coffee in-store. They’re the ideal way to take a little bit of Milan home with you.

Aromatica, Intenso

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Our gelato is made in the Italian tradition for MiCaffè. With authentic Milanese flavours like Pistachio, Hazelnut, Coffee, and Chocolate, our gelato is a treat for every occasion. Try it in an Affogato al Caffè: a scoop of creamy vanilla with hot espresso poured over.



All of our chocolates are made exclusively for us by a local chocolatier using only the highest-quality ingredients. To complete your caffè experience, chocolate-covered coffee beans are given gratis with every cup of coffee sipped in-house.



Hailing from Sardegna, Italy, Acqua Smeraldina was ranked best-tasting water in the world at Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition 2019. So that it can travel to you with minimal impact on the environment, the 500ml is packaged in specially developed PET bottles that always preserve that award-winning taste. Our glass 750ml bottles are also recyclable.

500ml, 750ml in Still & Sparkling

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